Our mission is to enable people to live with dignity and hope while coping with loss and terminal illness.

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Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice has been the leading hospice in Wichita since 1983.  We were first known as Hospice of Wichita.  When other non-profit hospices extended invitations to us to continue their mission, we changed our name to Hospice Incorporated.  Our services now cover 25 counties.  To honor one of our founders, we chose the name Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice in 2002.  It has been our privilege to serve South Central and Southeast Kansas for more than 25 years.

Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice service area includes 25 counties throughout south central and Southeast Kansas.  We have offices and staff located throughout our service area to provide care.

Hospice Center In-Patient Care

Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice is proud to offer an exclusive hospice center providing in-patient care in a home-like supportive environment.  Designed with guests and families in mind our hospice center features private rooms to accommodate personal needs.  Family members, caregivers, and visitors are always welcome.  [Read More]



Choosing Your Hospice

Making an informed choice is important when selecting a hospice program that will meet your needs and those of your loved ones. The insurance coverage for the Medicare hospice benefit is the same for every hospice provider.  However, there is a difference in hospice organizations. [Read More]