Is Hospice the Answer?

Hospice is not a place, it is a concept of care for those facing a life-limiting illness.

Unfortunately, most people do not receive hospice care until the final weeks or even days of life, missing out on months of care and quality time.

Why choose Harry Hynes?

At Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice, we focus on enhancing quality of life and preserving dignity, as well as providing for a patient's physical well-being. We also offer emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their loved ones. 

We are experts at providing hospice care. And most importantly, we respect the unique needs of each patient and their family. 

If you or a loved one are looking for support in dealing with a terminal illness, we encourage you to discuss the option for hospice.

Give us a call. There is no cost and calling does not commit your or your loved one to hospice care.



Hospice is not only about dying peacefully, but about living peacefully until the moment of death.